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Superior Clean-up Services

The cost of foundation repair is much more than just multiplying the number of piers by the price per pier. There are a lot more considerations needed to factor in before the total cost can be calculated. Landscaping, adjusting doors, repairing concrete where holes are made in driveways and porches are just a few of these considerations.

Honestly, foundation repair can create quite a mess, especially if piers are needed inside your home. Protecting the contents of your home is quite a detailed process, and re-stretching your carpets has to be done before the furniture can be put back in place. After the piers are installed, it’s a good idea to find out who’s responsible to put it all back together, and what’s the cost. Vulcan specializes is taking care of your home and belongings from start to finish.

Our exceptional cleanup is one of the things that sets Vulcan Foundation Repair above the competition. Please download a copy of our convenient Company Comparison Checklist and review all the services we offer. Many of these services are included at no extra charge, and others are offered at significant discounts to what later sub-contractors would charge. Allowing Vulcan to be your one-stop contractor from start to finish will potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Here is a list of the foundation repair associated services we offer, many at no extra charge.

Exterior Services

  • Special Care for landscaping.
  • Door frame and strike plate adjustments.
  • Chiseled and Seated concrete repairs.
  • Plywood lawn protections.
  • Wood deck removal and re-install.
  • Removal of debris.

Interior Services

  • Ceiling-to- floor plastic wall protection.
  • Furniture movement and protection.
  • Re-stretch carpets.
  • Chiseled and Seated concrete repairs.
  • Door frame adjustments.
  • Plywood slab protection.
  • Wood Floors – Careful removal and re-installation.
  • Tile Floors – Saw cut removal.
  • Tunneling available.

Specialty Services

  • Deep Root Barriers.
  • French Drains.
  • Moisture Maintenance Systems.
  • Concrete slab raising.
  • Mortar repairs – Tuck Pointing.
  • Moisture barriers.
  • Mud pumping voids.
  • Under-slab urethane injections.
  • Epoxy injections and coatings.
  • Break, cut, shim on builders piers.
  • Re-level on old existing piers.
  • Pier and Beam house leveling.

Additional Services

  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty.
  • FHA / VA approved methods / CITY permits.
  • Free estimates for homeowners, property managers.
  • Knowledgeable and Courteous office staff and employees.
  • Fully insured.
  • Discounts – Teachers, Law Enforcement, Fire, First Responders, Seniors, Military – active and former.
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