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Independent Engineer’s Review Article

bigstock-Male-engineers-using-mobile-ph-93850172The author of the following article is a PH.D. Structural Engineer in private practice in the Houston Texas area. Dr. Grissom has served on the board of the Foundation Performance Association of Houston for many years, and as its president for 2 terms. Widely respected by his peers and clients alike, he brings years of knowledge and experience to foundation repair engineering.

We are presenting his report by permission, to allow consumers the opportunity to hear a balanced and fair representation of the differences between Bell Bottom Piers and Pressed Piling systems. Dr. Grissom does not draw any conclusions from the facts in his report, nor does he mention any company. His goal was to clear up any misunderstandings that salesmen and others may use to sell their particular brand. In fact, both methods of repair are approved by FHA, VA, and most cities in our area, and both have particular benefits.

Dr. Grissom is available for consultation and inspections. He does not work for Vulcan Foundation Repair, or any other contractor, to my knowledge. Many foundation repair companies recommend Dr. Grissom, partly because of his expertise, and partly because he explains his findings in easy to understand language. His easy demeanor and solid integrity have earned him the trust of thousands of Houstonians over the years. His phone number is on the report if you have any questions.

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