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Need To Know

need to knowFoundation repair is eventually a necessity for homeowners in Houston Texas and surrounding communities. The black clay soil, nicknamed “Black Gumbo”, has a special shrink / swell potential like no other. During the dry summer months, it can shrink 6 – 8 inches or more, only to re-hydrate and swell back in the wet winter months.

Shallow concrete foundations are simply not strong enough to withstand the immense pressures exerted during these huge swings in the moisture content of the soil. The typical concrete slab-on-grade foundation is merely 4 inches thick, and at best has wire mesh reinforcement. The grade beams around the perimeter are usually no more than 20 inches deep, and are insufficient to carry the loads of heavy brick homes.

Unfortunately, when most homes are built, piers are not part of the original foundation plans. There are many reasons for this error of omission, but it basically comes down to money. Most new home builders don’t want to invest money in something the average home buyer can’t see, and probably won’t think about. Most builders would rather invest in bigger walk-in closets and fancier kitchens and bathrooms.

Vulcan Foundation Repair began business in 1978 to fill the need created by lax building standards and codes. We have successfully repaired ten’s of thousands of homes, and only with piers that stand the test of time. Please give us the opportunity to earn your business, and protect your most valuable asset.

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