Choosing Wisely
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Choosing Wisely

residential-roofing-img6 Tips on Choosing a Foundation Repair Company in Houston Texas.

  1. Time In Business
    Choose a foundation repair company that has been in business for at least 20 years, and all of that time in the Houston area. Check the company report at the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Proven Expertise
    The best foundation repair companies will be members of our trade association – The National Foundation Repair Association. They will have at least one CERTIFIED FOUNDATION REPAIR SPECIALIST (CFRS), who performs their inspections and designs the repair plans.
  3. Dependable Warranty
    Always read the warranty and contract documents very carefully! Don’t buy from a company that can void the warranty at the first signs of problems, or charges extra money after some fixed time period.
  4. Reliable Product
    Choose a foundation repair system that has a proven history of reliability. Find out how the concrete blocks are tensioned and connected. The best companies will have a Professional Engineer (PE), who will certify that each and every piling was installed correctly – to the right depth and hydraulic pressure.
  5. Clean Up Services
    Frankly, foundation repair can create quite a mess. Landscaping is temporarily displaced, and holes may need to be jack hammered through concrete driveways and porches. Interior piers require moving furniture, covering walls, and removing floor coverings. It’s very important to find out up front who’s responsible for cleaning and putting everything back together. Please download a free copy of our Company Comparison Checklist, and review these questions with any potential contractor.
  6. Price
    Price was placed last because all the other previous considerations have to be factored in when determining how much each pier should cost.Some of the most important cost related factors include:

    • Well established companies with real offices, real employees, and full insurance.
    • Certified foundation repairs.
    • Lifetime Transferable Warranties that are truly lifetime.
    • Products with proven long term track records.
    • Clean up services that you can depend on.

Please give Vulcan Foundation Repair the opportunity to earn your business.

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