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bigstock-Home-Improvement-6933098Q. How long does a typical foundation repair project take?

A. Our Deep Drilled Bell Bottom Piers usually require 3 weeks or more job time due to the curing time necessary, and the more extensive clean up required.

Dura Lock hydraulically driven pressed pilings can usually be completed within one week, sometimes in as little as 2 – 3 days. The concrete blocks are pre-cured, and less cleanup is required.

Q. Who is responsible for clean up, especially if I need piers inside my home?

A. Vulcan Foundation Repair performs the most comprehensive and thorough cleanup available in the industry. We prevent and protect, then put it back. Our free Company Comparison Checklist can be downloaded and used to compare what other foundation repair contractors offer. Many of the items we offer are included standard, at no extra cost.

Q. What happens to my cracks, will they close back up? Will new cracks appear when you level my foundation?

A. Our employees are very experienced in leveling structures, and will take utmost care when lifting your home. Usually, cracks go back together, but sometimes the nails in the wood studs will bind during lifting, and cracks won’t go back, but may actually get worse. On rare occasions, new cracks will appear.

Q. How long do I have to wait after you level my foundation before I can fix my wall cracks, lay new tile, or put on a new roof?

A. Each case is unique, and our job superintendent will explain how long to wait based on how much we lifted, and how the structure responded. An average time would be 4 – 6 weeks, to allow nails and studs to go back together.

Q. Who is responsible for the utility lines in my yard?

A. We will call Texas Line Locate Services before we start your job, and they will come and mark all the utility lines with flags or paint lines.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare before you start the work?

A. Our Certified Foundation Repair Specialist will explain what you need to do, and what we will do, once the scope of the work is decided on. In addition, when our office manager calls to schedule the work, she will review responsibilities and has a convenient checklist to give you.

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