3 Common Types of Home Foundation Systems
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3 Common Types of Home Foundation Systems

When we work on a home, one of the first things our team at Vulcan Foundation Repair does is conduct a foundation inspection, to identify what type of foundation system it has, among others. This also allows us to correctly diagnose whatever problems may exist and suggest the correct solutions for them. If you aren’t familiar with foundation types commonly used in most homes, here are some notes you may find useful.


3 Common Types of Home Foundation Systems


Basement foundations are built with a purpose of providing more living space beneath a home’s ground floor. With proper waterproofing and insulation, having a basement in your home can be advantageous for you. They are, unfortunately, susceptible to moisture retention and must be properly protected from mold and mildew formation.  

Slab On Grade

This foundation type is so named because it references the slab of concrete that is built at ground level, to serve as a home’s base. Unlike a basement or crawlspace foundation, there is no usable space beneath the slab. Our slab foundation repair service at Vulcan Foundation Repair focuses on solutions to keep moisture levels surrounding the foundation regulated and keep the slab itself level at all times.

Pier Systems

Also referred to as pier and beam systems, this type of foundation uses posts that are designed to withstand constant changes in soil moisture content. A continual cycle of soil shrinkage and expansion can cause the ground underneath your home to shift, and without the right foundation, your home’s structural integrity might be at risk. 

At Vulcan Foundation Repair, we don’t just repair all types of foundations. We offer preventive measures as well, including root barriers, moisture maintenance and French drain systems. We are NFRA-certified and we will take care of your home as we have all the homes we have worked on. Give us a call at 713-234-0216. We offer a no-obligation inspection for homeowners in Houston, TX.

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