Why Your Home Foundation May Have Failed
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Why Your Home Foundation May Have Failed

In the past, your home may have undergone a foundation repair project but you never knew why it had to be done in the first place. In this post, Vulcan Foundation Repair shares why foundations fail and how they may possibly be avoided.


Why Your Home Foundation May Have Failed

Moisture Problems

Foundation failure is most often associated with problems in soil moisture. Extreme moisture loss can cause cracks to form in the soil surrounding your foundation. Too much moisture gain, such as what you might get from non-porous backfill, may cause the soil to swell up. Constant changes in moisture content affect foundation stability in the long run.

Settlement Cracks and Heaves

The presence of settlement cracks and heaves are indicative of inadequate soil management prior to your foundation being constructed. Proper testing for soil type and sufficiently compacting fill material are necessary to prevent a foundation from failing. In situations like this, experts like Vulcan Foundation Repair will deem it urgent for you to consider repair options like installing bell bottom piers to keep further structural damage at bay.

Poor Construction

Good foundation construction is non-negotiable. No matter how visually pleasing a home is, it will be wasted if its foundation is unreliable to begin with. Beware of contractors that don’t allow concrete to adequately cure and insist on rushing the building process instead. Concrete pouring should never be interrupted too and if a contractor tells you they need to finish it the next day, you may have to get a new team to work with.

If you’d like to know more about how to take better care of your foundation, reach out to our team at Vulcan Foundation Repair. We offer various repair options, including bell bottom piers, French drain systems and root barriers. We are certified by the National Foundation Repair Association so you can rest assured that our work is always top-notch. Call us at (713) 234-0216. Inspections and quotes are free for homeowners in Conroe, TX.

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