How Do Bell Bottom Piers Work?
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How Do Bell Bottom Piers Work?

Bell bottom piers are the most commonly used solution for a home with foundation problems. It was first developed over 50 years ago to address uplifting in residential structures and, at one time, was the only slab foundation repair system available.

In this post, Vulcan Foundation Repair discusses how bell bottom piers work to secure your home’s foundation.

Foundation Support

As with any foundation repair option, the bell bottom pier is installed to serve as a base that supports the foundation of your home. Unlike other supports that are basically a straight cylinder embedded deep into the ground, this drilled pier system has a wider bottom which looks like a bell, hence the name.

The Bell Bottom Process

The process of installing this pier system starts with a foundation inspection followed by a routine soil test, which determines the depth of the load-bearing clay that will support the structure. Once we’ve accurately determined the depth, our engineers will calculate the weight of the structure and how large to make the bell portion of the pier.

The preferred size is a 12-inch diameter shaft with 36-inch bells at a depth of 12 to 15 feet. That said, the actual dimensions of the bell bottom pier depend on the current state of the foundation as well as the soil the home is on top of.

Addressing Uplifts

While bell bottom piers are far from the only foundation solution, they’re the most effective at preventing uplift or heaving foundations. It’s also the only choice for homes built on soil that require drilling instead of pushing, such as gravel or peaty soil. It’s also an effective way to stabilize lightweight structures like walls and porches.

At Vulcan Foundation Repair, you can count on us to properly install your new bell bottom piers. We also install French drain systems for better home water management. Call us today at (713) 234-0216 to learn more about our slab foundation solutions. We offer slab foundation repair in Houston, TX.

Carter Davis