Different Types of Concrete Foundation and How We Fix Them
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Different Types of Concrete Foundation and How We Fix Them

Knowing the type of foundation used for your property is essential in determining the type of approach you should take when it comes to repairing it. Here are the three types of concrete foundations that foundation repair experts work on.

Different Types of Concrete Foundation and How We Fix Them Slab Foundation

A slab or slab-on-grade foundation features a wide layer of concrete several inches thick. Metal rods and wire meshes help strengthen the slab, but it is still vulnerable to damage such as cracks. The slab is also several inches thicker around the edges for better stability. Repairing slab foundation involves adding more mesh to reinforce the area before filling and sealing the cracks.

T-Shape Foundation

A T-shape foundation is used for structures in areas where the ground could freeze due to cold temperatures in the winter. As its name implies, a T-shape foundation resembles an upside-down “T”, with the horizontal part acting as the footing.


A frost-protected foundation is also designed for properties built on ground that freezes during the colder months. However, unlike a T-shape foundation, it can only be used for structures with proper heating. This type of foundation features an insulative layer of polystyrene around the insulation and at the base of the structure’s walls. This prevents ice formation in those areas which tend to expand and create gaps. Repairing this type of foundation usually focuses on the insulating layer, which tend to get damaged more often than the concrete components.

Calling a Specialized Pro

It is very important to have your foundation repaired by a specialized foundation repair contractor. Unlike repairing most home components, even the slightest mistake in fixing the foundation could still cause problems to get worse over time. With professionals that are properly trained and equipped to handle foundation-related issues, you’re more likely to get the best results.

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