5 Signs That Your Foundation Needs Repair
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5 Signs That Your Foundation Needs Repair

Your home is only as stable as its foundation. It’s important that you head off any foundation-related problems as soon as possible as they can get worse in a short span of time. Spotting the warning signs may be tricky, but there are some easy ways to tell that your home needs timely or preventive foundation repair.

5 Signs That Your Foundation Needs Repair

In this post, Vulcan Foundation Repair shares five signs your foundation needs repair.

1.    Uneven Floors

Floors that slant or are generally uneven are a clear indicator that the foundation is starting to settle. This happens when there’s too much moisture on an expansive soil type such as clay. It’s especially concerning if you have uneven floors even if your area didn’t experience any rain yet; it means the joints and beams are sagging.

2.    Interior and Exterior Cracking

Watch out for cracks on the interior and exterior walls. These are signs the foundation has sustained some fracturing and the cracks are spreading across the rest of the home. We recommend calling a foundation repair contractor, especially if you start to see stair-step cracks on the outside walls. These will get worse over time if you fail to address them immediately.

3.    Slanted Mortar Joints

A healthy foundation has the brick or block work at an even level. When the mortar joint is slanted, then there’s an issue with the foundation settling in the soil. It’s important to address this as soon as possible as it can cause your home to shift and settle further.

4.    Cracked Chimneys

Check for cracks on the chimneys. Cracking in this area is a long-term consequence of foundation issues that have gone past the actual foundation and found their way to the rest of the home.

5.    Sticky Doors and Windows

A home that’s settling to one side or tipping at an angle will cause the doors and windows to stick and become harder to operate. This is because the house itself is no longer square and level and the doors and windows no longer fit their places.

As your local foundation repair company, we’ll address your house settling and foundation issues before they become bigger concerns. Call us today at (713) 234-0216 to learn more about our slab foundation solutions. We offer foundation repair in Houston, TX.

Carter Davis