4 Different Causes of Foundation Damage
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4 Different Causes of Foundation Damage

A damaged foundation is always a cause for major concern. If neglected, even the smallest foundation problem can lead to serious structural damage to the property. There are plenty of factors that can cause these issues, and knowing them can help you make the right call and get in touch with slab foundation repair experts like us right away.

4 Different Causes of Foundation Damage

The Soil Is Too Wet

One of the worst things that construction workers can do when setting up a foundation for your property is to build it during a time when there’s an excessive amount of moisture in the soil. Soil tends to swell up when wet and shrink when it dries. Once the moisture level in the soil goes down, the foundation shifts with the soil, causing the parts of the foundation to move with it and develop cracks.

The Soil Is Too Dry

While too much moisture in the soil is a bad thing, dry soil is no good, either. Over time, moisture from rain and even groundwater can still cause the same problem – moving the soil and part of the foundation around. Foundation inspection is important especially if your area has recently experienced a lot of rain, to make sure your foundation is free of damage.

Poor Soil Preparation Before Construction

To make sure the foundation provides a constant, even footing, the soil beneath it must be properly compacted during the grading phase. If the soil is not compact enough, parts of the structure will get pushed lower than the rest of the property, causing massive structural damage. This is why it’s especially important to have foundations installed by properly trained and equipped professionals.

Preventing Foundation Damage

There’s not much that can be done once the foundation is already in place, but that doesn’t meant your property is completely defenseless against foundation problems. For example, having French drain systems installed around your property will help divert water away from the soil nearest to the foundation, while frequent inspection will help you spot possible signs of structural problems and have them fixed before it’s too late.

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