3 Home Foundation Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind
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3 Home Foundation Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

The foundation supporting your house plays a big role in keeping your home secure, but most homeowners don’t think about it unless it’s already causing problems. Vulcan Foundation Repair, your local foundation repair expert, shares three maintenance tips to remember.

Do Preventive Repair and Maintenance

The simplest way to start is by doing preventive repair and maintenance. Most cracks and fractures fly under the radar and often only manifest when it’s already causing major problems to the rest of your home. By doing timely repair and maintenance, you head off structural problems and keep the foundation in good condition all the time.

Install Roof Barriers

Many homeowners underestimate the power of trees, especially those in your backyard. While seemingly harmless, their roots can actually damage the foundation on their quest to get more moisture. Even if they don’t end up boring through the foundation, the movement of the roots causes the soil to move until the foundation itself is the one shifting in place.

Fortunately, you can prevent this by installing root barriers. These are made from biodegradable materials but are sturdy enough to prevent root intrusion from damaging the foundation.

Install a Bell Bottom Pier

Shifting foundations are often inevitable, especially if the soil’s consistency changes or has changed since the house was installed. When your home starts to experiencing shifting and uplifting, we recommend installing a pier system to stabilize the foundation.

Bell bottom piers are the best choice as they completely negate uplifting and heaving and can be installed on soil that requires drilling, such as gravely or peaty soil. They’re also effective at stabilizing lightweight structures, such as walls and porches.

At Vulcan Foundation Repair, we’ll help you keep your foundation in sound condition throughout the year. Call us today at (713) 234-0216 to learn more about our slab foundation solutions. We offer foundation repair in Conroe, TX.

Carter Davis