14 Foundation Repair Terms You Need to Know
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14 Foundation Repair Terms You Need to Know

Discussions about foundation repair may have you asking about different terms mentioned frequently. Knowing the meanings of these words will give you a better understanding of how to keep your property’s foundation in good shape and how important that is.

14 Foundation Repair Terms You Need to Know

1. Active Zone

The degree of how much the level of moisture in your soil varies.

2. Allowable Load

The amount of load or weight that can be safely supported by a foundation member.

3. Anchor Pier

Concrete columns or steel pipes secured to the structure to provide extra support. Bell bottom piers are a common type of pier used for foundation repair.

4. Bearing capacity

The amount of weight the soil can carry without risk of a shear failure.

5. Clay Bearing Failure

An issue caused by varying amounts of pressure caused by expanding soil that could literally push a pier sideways.

6. Cut and Fill

Removing excess soil in more compact areas to fill less compact areas. This is usually done for contouring and creating a more uniform soil.

7. Deep Foundation

A type of foundation design that transfers the load to a deep part of the soil, usually through piers.

8. Footing

The wide area of the foundation designed to spread out the load and increase structural strength.

9. Free Water

Moisture that can be gained or lost by the soil that won’t cause a change in soil volume.

10. French Drain

A drain system designed to redirect excessive amounts of water away from the soil near the foundations to prevent damage.

11. Mudjacking

A technique that involves pumping mud and concrete underneath the foundation slab in order to correct settlement.

12. Plasticity Index

A constant used to calculate how likely the soil volume changes according to the amount of moisture in it.

13. Root barrier

Root barriers are physical or chemical barriers designed to prevent the roots from nearby trees from penetrating and damaging the foundation and the soil immediately next to it.

14. Settlement

The amount of distance that a foundation has sunk into the soil relative to its initial position.

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